Can age affect skin sensitivity?

The good news is that skin generally becomes less sensitive with age but research suggests that we can be sensitive to different things throughout our lives. For example younger people are more likely to say stress causes skin sensitivity while cold weather affects those of us mid-life. Hot weather and rough fabrics can aggravate older skin. Needless to say, hormonal changes can affect all of us, regardless of age!
It’s undeniable that our skin changes in other ways too and we don’t just mean wrinkles and other signs of ageing. Skin can feel less hydrated and plump but that doesn’t mean it looks any less healthy or radiant. Our best advice is to look after your skin your whole life. This includes your teens and 20’s. It will pay dividends in the future! 
Does aged skin take longer to repair?
Yes, older skin can take longer to repair. The rate at which the skin replaces its barrier slows down as we get older. This means that it can take longer for new ‘bricks and cement’ to be ready to repair any damage that may have occurred. However, while healthy older people may be perceive a delay in the time to repair skin, your skin will fix itself. Because your skin takes longer to repair when it gets older, it could feel like your skin is getting more sensitive
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