What causes Skin Sensitivity?

There are many things that can cause sensitive skin, read on to discover what could be affecting yours - some of them may surprise you!  
The Environment
The sun's harsh rays can damage your skin barrier, causing skin sensitivity.
Dirt & Pollution
Dirt and pollution like exhaust fumes, smoke and dust can leave your skin feeling irritated and dirty, but are hard to avoid. Throughout the day, pollution in the air sticks to and is absorbed by the skin. Over time, it can irritate and weaken the skin’s natural barrier, which means it can no longer do its job properly, leaving your skin feeling more sensitive.
It’s true! Excessive cleansing with the wrong products can cause skin irritation and soreness. Avoid over cleansing & harsh ingredients. If you choose the right products for your skin type, cleansing can actually help improve the function of your skin barrier & reduce sensitivity, it’s about choosing the right product.
Your lifestyle plays a big part in skin health. Late nights, lack of sleep, working in an air conditioned office, and smoking can all impact your skin. 
This particularly affects women and it’s almost always around the time of your period. Fluctuating hormonal activity not only causes break-outs but also increases skin sensitivity overall.
The hormones that are affected by stress can cause your skin to slow down, if this continues for long enough your skin will not maintain and repair your barrier as quickly it should. This could lead to your skin becoming sensitive.
Diet & Hydration
Skin sensitivity is not just a matter of what we put on our skin. Skin irritants can be ingested in the food we eat too. Give your skin the best chance of natural health by eating a balanced diet and drinking plenty of water. 
Ingredients in skincare products 
Artificial perfume, dyes and harsh chemicals are all known to irritate skin.  Which is why you’ll never find them in any of our products- they are unnecessary, so why risk them upsetting your skin? Two other skin care ingredients that are known to irritate are retinol and glycolic acid, these can be found in anti-aging products.  At Simple, we prefer to use only skin-loving ingredients that are kind to your skin.
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